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    EAW offers solutions to meet the many different needs of our customers. Use our model comparison to find the right mount type to meet your individual needs now.

    Model comparison
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    EAW. The company.

    In addition to our commitment to innovation, there are two other things that are most important to us: Our responsibilities towards our employees and towards the environment. You can always rest assured knowing you will receive a perfectly configured product.

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    Optimal equipment

    Even before we began manufacturing scope mounts, we wanted to provide our customers with the best possible components to connect firearms and optical sights. This is why Ernst Apel has created so many pioneering, even revolutionary developments over the years.

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    Innovation as an obligation

    The best example of innovation from EAW is the design of the EAW pivot mount.

    Often copied by other manufacturers even today, this type of mount began sweeping the market in 1970. Users of this type of mount can save money in their initial purchase and for later conversions. EAW pivot mounts deliver the best possible shooting performance.

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    Ring shape with 2/3 division.

    EAW developed this milestone back in the 1960s as well.

    Many manufacturers have adopted the design, making it the world’s most copied ring shape. In all of our new developments, we have always worked to ensure our products work together as well as possible. Because of this, EAW mounts don’t become outdated. In most cases, currently produced parts can be combined with older models. Marksmen, hunters and gunsmiths appreciate this advantage, and know they are always on the safe side with EAW.

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    Responsibility for people and the environment

    Many people believe it is important to keep the natural world as intact as possible.

    The environment is important to our company as well. That is why we are doing our part to alleviate environmental impacts and save resources whenever possible, from administration through to production. We do not have space here to describe all the steps we are taking to protect the environment; from waste water treatment to barrel finishing that produces no waste water at all, or swarf extraction, just to name a few examples.

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