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  • EAW Smell Sample Container

    Maximum security and protection for trainers and dogs during training for detection of hazardous materials. Developed and produced in Germany (1.4 S-classification).


    For the professional education of search- and detection dogs the highest possible material quality is crucial for the success of the training.

    The risk of false conditioning of search dogs caused by sample containers with inherent smell or contaminated samples, as well as the safety for the tainer and the dog during transport or training with hazardous substances, results in broad requirements of the material itself.

    Innovative design by EAW

    Lid with dosing-slider and safety catch for transport

    Innovative design and manufacturing from stainless steel (4404), created by the most modern metal 3D printing process, guarantee the absolute absence of inherent smell. The dosing closure with safety catch allows for variable adjustment of smell emissions, depending on the sample and the dog҆s level of education. The inner structure guarantees a superior efficiency regarding the distribution of smell, rendering even the smallest samples to be sufficient for training.

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    Tougher than the Rest

    This foto portrays a cross section of a patent-pending
    EAW sample container after an explosive endurance test
    with one gram of explosives. No external effects have
    occurred, while the innovative gyroid structure on the
    inside has absorbed the extreme load to its full extent.

    Maximum security, ensured logistics

    For transport and storage of the containers, users are provided with a synthetic box resistant to environmental and aging influence according to the standards of the 1.4 S-classification. Fast and safe logistics that goes from production, acquisition, maintenance to the professional disposal of used samples is guaranteed, so you can fully focus on the actual training.

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