EAW. The plus in quality, innovation and service.

Your specialist for scope mounts

EAW. The plus in quality.

As specialists for scope mounts we are standing for uncompromising quality. The EAW module system, which runs through our entire range, makes EAW mounts a future-proof investment.
No matter if you decide on an EAW pivot mount, EAW roll-off mount or an EAW claw mount.

EAW. The plus in precision.

Maximum precision can only be achieved if the scope is mounted on the weapon absolutely stress free. Enormous forces are exerted on a scope mount even when firing a medium-calibre weapon.
Due to the superior quality of the mount EAW guarantees you zero point of impact change even after thousands of shots.

EAW. The plus in selection.

At EAW you’ll find exactly the right mount for any area of application.
Thanks to decades of experience we’ll develop a custom solution according to your specific requirements. Users in more than 40 countries are convinced of the benefits of EAW mounts.

The EAW Blue Line.

Blue Line – All of EAW’s know how at attractive conditions: The EAW Blue Line mounts are available as roll-off mounts, block mounts and pivot mounts.

EAW Blue Line roll-off mounts

  • One-piece mount made of T6 aircraft aluminium – 50 µm thick hard anodised surface guarantees extra durability
  • Steel clamps/bolts/recoil stop
  • Optionally available with 2 connectors to mount additional optics
  • The EAW solution for your mount at an attractive price-performance ratio

EAW Blue Line block mounts

  • One-piece mount made of T6 aircraft aluminium – 50 µm thick hard anodised surface guarantees extra durability
  • Extraordinary design: minimalist, shapely, weighing just 92 g and easy to install for rail-mounted sights
  • Tested thoroughly by DEVA

EAW Blue Line pivot mounts

  • The entry into the world of EAW pivot mounts; stress-free with reproducible accuracy
  • Small lock which is unique worldwide
  • Matt black
  • This mount is characterised by its 100% compatibility to our EAW pivot mounts and its fully automated production

EAW. The plus of meeting in person.

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