Ernst Apel GmbH EAW

Why EAW?

Often the rifle and the scope have been that expensive that the customer tries to save on the mount. It even makes sense to use a quality mount on a cheap weapon, as only a quality mount can guarantee a shot-proof fit and prevent scope damage.


Shooting Stability

EAW defines shooting stability as precise fit of the scope which remains exactly in the same position even after thousands of shots. This high precision can only be achieved if the scope is fitted onto the weapon without any tension. After all with a medium calibre weapon the weight of the weapon and the scope tears on the mount with approx. 300 kg when firing a shot. In some very extreme cases it is even with up to 600 kg which corresponds to the weight of approximately three pieces of deer.


Even weapons that are produced according to modern standards sometimes show tolerances on relevant parts. And after all, a difference in height between the front and rear foot of ± 0.5 mm will result in a deviation of approx. 0.5 m when firing a shot at a distance of 100 m. In order to compensate such deviations and to guarantee a tension-free fit of the scope, EAW mounts offer you a lot of possibilities for adjustment of the different axes.


Mounting at a Good Price

Besides these quality features another advantage of the EAW mounts is the ease of mounting. A gunsmith can accomplish the mounting quickly, which results in lower costs. In addition to that the well-engineered EAW building block system - consisting of single parts which can be combined with each other or with complete mounts - allows the customer to use a second scope at very low costs. For that reason, the purchase of an EAW quality mount is a good investmen