Ernst Apel GmbH EAW

EAW Sportflex Mount

The EAW Mount for Competitive Shooters

More and more international world-class competitve shooters rely on the EAW Sportflex mount, because they know that for top results a first-class equipment is requisite.


Thanks to the integrated elevation and windage adjustment (stepless), the EAW Sportflex mount allows a quick and easy zeroing-in - not only during training but also in the thick of the competition. Self-made constructions belong to the past.


The EAW Sportflex mount is ideal for all competitive shooters who do not wish to leave anything to chance. It provides many possibilities for adjustment, an invaluable advantage for shooting in alternating firing positions, for instance:


  • adjustment of the support in the front foot
  • steplessly variable adjustment of elevation in the front foot
  • joint in the rear foot



With the EAW Sportflex mount, Tor Heiested and Michael Jakosits won olympic gold in Seoul / Barcelona!