Ernst Apel GmbH EAW

EAW Slide-on Mounts / Roll-off Mounts

The picture shows the roll-off mount model 134 for rifles with an 11 mm dovetail, a very elaborate mount. Of couse, it is also available for many other rifles. 


EAW Slide-on Mounts and Roll-off Mounts

EAW slide-on mounts and roll-off mounts are an inexpensive solution for small calibre rifles. They are, of course, of the same high quality and precision as the other EAW mounts.


EAW slide-on mounts and roll-off mounts are available in various versions for all common rifles: with diverse ring diameters and for scopes with a mounting rail, with and without support, and with and without open sight. These fairly simple mounts are manufactured as carefully  as the EAW top models and ensure optimum shooting performance.