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EAW Building Block System

EAW Pivot Mounts

EAW pivot mounts and pivot mounts with lever are a well-engineered system of single parts that may be combined individually. From the table you can see where to find these parts in the catalogue. When looking for a mount to suit a bolt action rifle, you can easily select a complete mount from a table according to make and model of the rifle.


As it is not so easy to categorize break-open rifles, the mounts for these rifles have to be ordered as single parts.


Rifle Type
Icon bolt action rifle
icon break-open rifle


Rear Foot Tops
Icon Icon Icon
  with rings for scopes with rail
Icon+ icon
Rear Foot Sub-base / Lever Locks
Icon Icon Icon Icon
  rear foot sub-bases lever locks
Icon icon
Rear Bases and Rear Plates
Icon Icon Icon Icon
  rear bases rear plates
Icon icon
Front Feet
Icon Icon
  front feet
Front Plates
Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon
  front plates
Icon icon


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