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EAW Pivot Mounts / EAW Pivot Mounts with Lever


EAW Pivot Mounts

All types of EAW mounts are well-engineered and of highest quality standards. Nevertheless, we offer solutions which meet all diverse requirements of our customers.


More than 30 years ago EAW have developed the first pivot mount and have been working steadily on its further development ever since. Numerous advances have made it the most successful mount of this type, which has also been adopted by other manufacturers. The EAW pivot mounts and pivot mounts with lever are designed in a way to always guarantee absolute shooting precision of the rifle, even under hardest conditions.


Some advantages


  • Easy mounting and release of the scope with one hand, as the sub-base of the pivot mount snaps into the lock automatically. With a pivot mount with lever, you only have to turn the lever.
  • Easy installation and short working time due to high precision.
  • Adjustable front foot and rear foot.
  • Large shear cross-section of the front foot (approx. 3 times larger than that of the claw mount) for high stability, no jamming.
  • Horizontal adjustment by means of the EAW pulling-down support.
  • Vertical adjustment (in intervals of ± 0.5 mm) through interchangeable rear foot sub-bases.
  • Adjustment of vertical tolerances by means of a joint in the front foot.
  • Constant centre point due to absolutely tension-free fit of the scope, even after repeated mounting and release of the scope.
  • Ideal for secondary scopes.



EAW Pivot Mounts with Lever

EAW have developed the pivot mount with a lever especially for break-open rifles.

With its lock not being installed on the rifle but attached to the scope, the foot plates are flush with the barrel rib.


Some advantages


  • Reliable and stable design guarantees optimal repeatability of zero, even with the scope being taken off and put on again frequently (the DEVA [German Research Institute for Hunting and Sporting Arms] had proved in 1979 already that this type of mount had the best resistance to recoil of 10,000 shots, and that repeated mounting and release of the scope caused no loss of the rifle’s zero).
  • Due to the low arrangement of the foot plates, the open sights may be used after removal of the scope.
  • Rear foot with windage adjustment (support).
  • Interchangeable rear foot tops and rear foot sub-bases are available in various heights.
  • Claw mounts can be changed into pivot mounts very easily and with few or no alterations to the rifle.
  • Single parts for secondary scopes are available.
  • No jamming of the lock.
  • Elegant overall appearance.

NEW: Steplessly adjustable lock lever


  • The dovetails of some rifles often show considerable differences as for their width. For that reason EAW have developed a steplessly adjustable lock lever which can be adjusted exactly to the dovetail width, even with mounts that have already been fitted.


Available for dovetails with a width of 11 mm, 14.5 mm, and 19 mm.


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