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EAW Claw Mounts
for Competitive Shooters and Hunters

EAW Claw Mounts

According to today‘s point of view EAW claw mounts of the Suhler type are of improved construction for the purpose of saving time when fitting them.


On the following pages you will find a great variety of our claw mounts which are of stylish, elegant and modern design. Especially ordnance rifles gain in value through a mount that fits with the style of the rifle. An example for this are the laterally extended rear feet and rear bases for the Mannlicher Schönauer GK rifle. But also for many present-day rifles, claw mounts and mounting parts are available.


Claw mounts


  • rib inserts and barrel sockets to be soldered-on
    • rib inserts
    • conical barrel sockets
    • cylindrical barrel sockets

  • barrel rings to be soldered-on
    • conical barrel rings
    • cylindrical barrel rings

  • front bases and rear bases
  • rear bases
  • front feet
    • with ring, with open sight
    • for scopes with rail

  • rear feet
    • with ring, with open sight
    • for scopes with rail, with open sight
    • for Steyr Mannlicher Schönauer GK

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