Ernst Apel GmbH EAW

EAW - A Commitment to Innovation


The Perfect Complement

Since EAW started to manufacture scope mounts, we have had a commitment to offer the shooter  "the perfect complement“ to his hunting equipment. Many pioneering and trendsetting developments are from ERNST APEL.


EAW Pivot Mount

A striking example is the invention of the EAW pivot mount. In 1970, the triumphal march of this type of mount started. It saves the hunter costs of purchase and expenses for conversion and, at the same time, ensures the best possible shooting performance.


Ring Form with a Three-quarter Division

The ring form with a three-quarter division, which is widespread today, was developed by EAW in the sixties. Many manufacturers have made it the „most copied“ ring form in the world. According to the tests made by the DEVA (German Research Institute for Hunting and Sporting Arms) in May 1993 (published in the specialist journal "Messer + Schere"), EAW is using the most appropriate form with the best clamping effect and the least deformation of the scope body.


As for new products, great value has always been attached to the optimum compatability of all mounting components. EAW mounts do not become outdated because parts from the current production also fit in previous models. Hunters and gunsmiths appreciate these advantages, knowing that they are on the safe side.


"Stainless Look"

All complete EAW steel mounts are, at an extra charge, available with a high-quality nickel coating. Please specify "In Stainless Look“ with your order.


The delivery time may be approx. 4 weeks longer than usual. If complementary single parts are ordered later, colour deviations might occur.