Ernst Apel GmbH EAW

We Care about the Environment 

Environmental Protection

Besides success in hunting, it is ecology that many hunters set high value on. 

This is a matter of concern also to EAW. For that reason, we contribute to the protection of the environment and a reasonable utilization of resources from start to finish - that is in the administration as well as in the production. We surely cannot specify all the measures that we have taken for environmental protection. Some examples for that are the treatment of waste water, the blueing system without waste water, and the extraction system for wheel dust.

Treatment of Waste Water

With the system for the treatment of waste water, the wheel dust and chemical residues are treated in a way that the water can be discharged into the sewerage system uncontaminatedly, and solid matter be disposed of safely. The blueing system runs in a closed circuit, which makes it possible to use the water for six months before sanitation.


The extraction system for wheel dust does not only protect the environment but also the health of our staff. After all, our staff are, besides our customers, of paramount importance.

Long-lasting Equipment and Products

EAW have always set great store by long-lasting tools and company equipment of top quality.  After all, our products are of the highest quality too and serve their purpose for a long time. This has found the unanimous approval of our customers for many years now.